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JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP system composition
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JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP system composition

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JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP system composition

JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP is a complex mechatronic product that includes the folding mechanism, roof rack (top and tail rack bars), roof lock, main support, hydraulic drive system, control system, tarpaulin, tension belts, and other auxiliary mechanisms and devices such as sealing elements. So what is the composition of the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP system? Let's take a look at it next.

Here is the content list:

  • Folding mechanism

  • Roof rack

  • Roof lock

  • Hydraulic drive system

  • Control System

  • Tarpaulins, tensioning straps, main supports, and sealing elements

Folding mechanism

The folding mechanism is the most important part of the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOPsystem. The two folding mechanisms located on both sides of the body side by side drive the canopy to complete the unfolding and folding work. It not only needs to work in place but also requires a certain movement precision. The middle front guide rod, the middle guide rod, and the rear guide rod are important parts of the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP folding mechanism.

Roof rack

The JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP roof rack straddles the folding mechanism on both sides. When the roof is fully unfolded, it forms an external frame to stretch the tarpaulin, and together with the folding mechanism, it forms a soft-top shape. The roof rack includes a top rack rod and a tail rack rod, both of which have the same function and are distinguished in the industry according to their positions. The top frame rods are arranged according to the span size of the canopy, and generally, no less than two are required to prevent the appearance of the canopy. Whether the top rack rod is fixed or not is arranged according to the actual situation, and the tail rack rod is generally rotatable, and its position is controlled by the tension belt. When the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP canopy is fully unfolded, the two sides of the tension belt are tightened to make the tail rack rod hold the position.

Roof lock

The roof lock is essential for the soft top system. It is used to lock the body of the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOPwhen the roof is unfolded. It is installed on the frontmost roof rack. The roof lock consists of two shackle linkages and a drive motor. After the canopy is unfolded in place, the drive motor pushes the lock hook linkage to lock the canopy and the body; when the canopy is ready to be folded, the drive motor tightens the lock hook linkage, and the canopy is unlocked. For the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP roof lock, the lock hook can enter the lock slot on the upper edge of the front windshield after the roof is unfolded in place, so a certain movement precision must be required.

Hydraulic drive system

The JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP hydraulic drive system is the main drive device of the soft top system, which is driven by two parallel hydraulic cylinders on both sides to drive the rear guide rod to rotate. The two-way hydraulic cylinder is mainly used on the convertible, which is specifically controlled from both sides according to the movement of the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP and can move in two different directions. The hydraulic pump unit integrates hydraulic components such as hydraulic pumps, electric motors, reversing valves, and AC relays. In addition, the hydraulic system also includes a throttle valve, check valve, one-way stop valve, pressure limiting valve, oil storage tank, etc.

Control System

The JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP canopy control system is integrated into the overall control center of the car to control components such as the hydraulic drive system and the roof lock motor. To improve operational flexibility and adapt to emergencies, the canopy often has two modes: automatic folding and manual folding.

Tarpaulins, tensioning straps, main support and sealing elements,

Tarpaulins are designed to take into account the harsh conditions of daily driving and winter conditions, require easy maintenance and maintenance, improve durability and sound insulation, and should be easy to replace. JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP tarpaulin materials can be canvas, vinyl, and nylon, the structure is often three layers, including outer fabric, sound insulation pad, inner lining. For appearance reasons, the exterior of the JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP is often decorated with a plastic shell. The tension strap is used to determine the position of the tailstock rod, and also plays an auxiliary role in outlining the shape. The main support is installed on the body and is used to connect the canopy and the body. The sealing element is also very important for the convertible, which requires good sound insulation and heat insulation, sealing and anti-corrosion, and aging ability.

The above is about the composition of the soft top system, if you are interested in JEEP WRANGLER SOFT TOP, you can contact us, our website is https://www.perfectop.com/.